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3. How will instructors know when they are providing quality blended courses? How will faculty, programs, or the campus know whether the course was a good course? What tools or services could be provided for evaluating the effectiveness of blended courses? How will quality be communicated to the larger campus (e.g., students, faculty, administration, etc.)?

Table Group 2:
Evaluating blended quality:
  • Send an end-of-semester online survey to students (instructors send email link to students).
  • Instructors ask for feedback (optional, not associated with grade).
  • Instructors can survey students throughout the course as well (how course is going, areas for improvement).
  • Get faculty feedback each semester.
  • Have faculty communicate/discuss experiences.

Group 4/That 70s Show: Jude Higgins (SLCC), Nancy Fire (U of North Texas), Paula Kupstas (VCU), Terry Buxton (Regis U), Britt Shirely (U of Tampa), Melissa Rasmussen (U of St Francis), Jane Drexler (SLCC), Joyce Caldwell (Ottawa U, Kansas):
  1. Evaluating quality in blended
    1. State that there are many ways to define the 'quality' or 'effectiveness' of blended
    2. Many courses taught by adjuncts: how can we define 'quality' for these courses?
    3. Need to avoid 'canned' classes: technology is not just the delivery method for a course that never changes